Aerial Rocket Artillery Association

2013 -Hershey, PA

We enjoyed a great reunion 2013 in Hershey, PA. Thank you to our (then) President, Cecil Hengeveld and his wife Peggy, for the work put into making this event spectacular. Over 80 members and guests attended the 2013 event. 


2011 Charleston, SC

Forty-seven members of the Association accompanied by thirty-six wives, guests, and family members attended the 14th Annual Reunion in Charleston, SC, May 18 - 22, 2011. 

2012 -Portland, Oregon

Reunion 2012, like previous reunions, was a great sucess thanks to the efforts of Hirb and Cindy Hirst.  Twenty-eight members, accompanied by twenty-three wives and guests reported in between May 23rd and 27th.  Some got there late, some came only for a day or two and some who lived in the local area actually commuted to the hotel.  For whatever time they were there, it was for one reason - to be with old friends and comrades and to meet new ones.  That's what reunions are for!